Thursday, March 31, 2011

Girls are made of Sugar & Spice.

So stoked.
I'm going to PROM!
I know I'm almost in my mid-twenties...
Portland is hosting PORTLAND PROM for 21+.
How brilliant is that?!
Our Prom group is growing rapidly, so we may even get a limo!

My "Prom" isn't until May, but I couldn't wait to get my dress.
(I already have the hippest date around, not to mention he
has major-moves). Being that I'm not 16, I had to find an appropriate started shopping ASAP.

I can't share details yet, but it looks like one of the dresses towards the back of the rack. LOTS of lace & ruffles, although it's 1 solid color. Can't wait to take pictures! (& I got it on SALE! Score!)

SO PRETTY! I love Betsey Johnson dresses. When I went to Hong Kong, I visited a huge warehouse of replicas, nonetheless they are amazing.

Now, I am going to sit back & enjoy my freshly brewed cup of Vietnamese coffee*.
Enjoy your day.

*AMAZING coffee. All coffee-lovers must try. Stronger & a unique taste. LOVE IT.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

A painting of "The Serenity Prayer" I painted for Jake.

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Still sick.
All I want is grilled-cheese, tomato soup
& a tea party in JAMMIES.

Thank goodness my boyfriend likes PJ's & grilled-cheese...& *pedicures! Because today is going to be quite relaxing.

*I took my boyfriend to get a pedicure yesterday, to cheer us up from the horrible month of March. He LOVED it and now thinks his feet are show-stoppers. OH BOY!
He also asked how often people get mani-pedis...I foresee pretty nails, fingers & toes, in the future.

Ramblin' Man.

When I got the idea...

I've made SO many headbands (soft & hard), barrets & clips!
[*Need to get new pictures up. ASAP]
This Fall I had a sweet little booth @ The Belmont Street Fair.
The weather was PERFECT and sales were good. 
I may do another one soon, because street fairs are legit...
and good for people-watching.

Can't wait for this year!

Friday, March 25, 2011

I wish...

I wish I could teleport.
It'd save me a lot of time & money.

I was planning on taking advantage of my "Spring Break",
but I came down with some nasty flu-like symptoms.
Disneyland & Hawaii & Greece & Casablanca
will have to wait for the next few months.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pictures. Old, but good.

SHELL button + BEE button & vintage fabrics.

My cousin, always reppin' my creations.

EVERYTHING is hand-sewn. I don't use glue (ick) on anything.

Third time's a charm.

Here I go again.
Another blog. 3rd one.
Except I am really going to enjoy writing about my new crafts & clever ideas this time around!

I started creating hair accessories after my gig as a counselor, for a Fashion Design/Art Camp.
Boy, are there a lot of young talented boys & girls out there. I can't imagine what we'll all be wearing in 20ish years...hopefully it has nothing to do with the 80's, except I do like bright pink lipstick and BIG hair.